Becker A35 8500

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Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 7,000 m²). More than 120-170 kg of constant pressure on the brushes. Solution tank capacity 300 liters allows exceptional autonomy and productivity. Stability even when fully loaded. Innovative traction system with three independent motor wheels controlled by electronic cards. Easy access to electrical components Automatic brush plate lifting system. Automatic lifting system.

Automatic squeegee squeegee lifting while reverse going. Automatic control system for brush rotation and detergent water outflow. Antifoam device. Self-levelling brushes, hour meter, solenoid valve. High-performance batteries resulting in high-working-scrubber driers efficiencyFloor. Designed to perform the hardest work and to resist even to extreme stresses with maximum comfort; the frame is made of steel with a thickness profiles varying from 5 to 12 mm, protected with a high resistance corrosion-proof paint. The unique anti foam device dramatically reduces the foam generation and prevents it from touching the suction motor, thus protecting its operation.

The electronic switch floating stops suction when the tank is full.Large tank opening for fast and easy cleaning and sanification. The cleaning solution tank with an exceptional capacity of 300 liters and the high autonomy of the battery ensure to productivity at the top of the range. The wide rear opening allows for an easy and quick refilling of the cleaning solution tank   The motorwheels, designed and built by Lavor, grant optimal performance and exceptional reliability (over 30,000 hours). The innovative three-wheel drive system ensures perfect traction in every operating condition. The high power of the three motorwheels allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes.

Floor scrubbers
Brush motor power 1500 W
Depression / vacuum motor power 1800 mmH2O/ 600 W
Detergent solution system 15% / 14%
Detergent tank capacity 280 l
Max working capacity 7140 m2/h
Recovery tank capacity stop / total 315 / 340 l
RPM / Brush pressure 150 RPM/ 120 Kg
Scrubbing width 1020 mm
Squeegee width 1250 mm
Traction 3 Wheels Drive / 3 x 600 W
Voltage 36 V

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